SUBJECT A8, NEWT. (the glue) As a leader, subject has gained the support of those around him. He has formed a close relationship with Subject A2. He is respected among the other boys, exhibiting power and influence. As second in command, leadership skills are improving. Exhibits patience and befriends others with ease. Potential to grow into position of respected authority among subjects.


night vale au where the red string of fate is an actual thing and cecil keeps tripping over his or gets it tangled around his legs and he falls into shit and causes a general ruckus. and carlos can feel it and was super concerned at first but now whenever he feels the strings little pulls hes just like dammit cecil, the bookcase again??

fortune favours the brave, dude

Today I casually said that we shouldn’t use the term OCD unless it actually applies because it’s trivializing.
This progressed into her telling me that autism and asbergers are diseases.
Literally how did we get there.


tiny ginny weasley, growing up with six brothers, deathly afraid of being branded “girly”, because “girly” from the sneering mouths of fred and george meant weak, inadequate, pathetic

ginny weasley at eight years old, sick of her hair flowing down to her bottom, sick of tying it…



Just called an anorexia help line and the girl answered and immediately hearing I was male said “you’re real funny douche” and hung up. If you dot think that’s messed up, u messed up.



It is 2014 stop this


man every time i rewatch captain america i’m like. so inspired by dr. erskine. what a dude. bleeding out in steve rogers’ arms and his final act before dying is to go in for a last second boob touch. like, the dude saw his window of opportunity closing and he snatched it. not gonna see pecs like those in a shirt that tight in the afterlife. gotta make every minute on earth count.




#except for that one kitchen girl #that kinda looked like Arya Stark #she was chill

when in doubt, put a fucking pearl necklace in your hair. just do it.


literally the entire series